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Located in Charlottesville, VA, Badger offers a comprehensive range of industrial fire extinguishers, Industry Guard dry chemical fire suppression systems for paint spray booths and Range Guard wet chemical fire suppression systems for restaurants.

Fire & Safety Commodities offers design, installation, inspection and maintenance services for your Badger fire extinguishers, the Industry Guard line of dry chemical fire systems for paint booths, and the Range Guard line of kitchen fire suppression systems. Our trained safety technicians will work with you to protect your business property investments and employees from potential fire hazards.

Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

For over 37 years, Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems have been protecting restaurants and commercial kitchens throughout the New Orleans metro area, Baton Rouge and Lafayette from fires that could flare up while cooking. Featuring unprecedented heat sensing technology using six heat detectors and with an operating range of 0F to 120F, Range Guard fire suppression systems provide almost instant, round-the-clock fire detection with superior wet chemical technology that quickly suppresses fires and prevents reflash.

Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to provide maximum kitchen fire protection with minimum maintenance. Specialized nozzles are designed to provide superior coverage, while the wet chemical fire suppression agent provides excellent saponification, meaning it basically turns burning fat and grease (the primary flammables in a commercial kitchen) into soap, quickly putting out the flames and preventing reflash. Once the area has cooled, the soap can simply be wiped away, leaving no mess.

Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems are highly customizable to your needs and can be custom designed to fit into any commercial kitchen layout. Best of all, the Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system components can usually be incorporated into your existing fire suppression system. This makes not only installation but also updates, upgrades and improvements much easier and more cost effective.

Contact Fire & Safety Commodities today! We can ensure that you never forget your next required maintenance and that your fire extinguishers and suppression systems will always work during a fire emergency.  Ask about our maintenance and service contracts for all your Badger fire equipment.

Industry Guard Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems

Badger's Industry Guard Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System uses dry chemical compounds that, pound for pound, suppress more fire than any other agent. Industry Guard's flexible, pre-engineered systems are easy and affordable to install and maintain in virtually any industrial setting. Industry Guard is from Badger Fire Protection: we've been designing fire suppression systems for over 37 years.

Industry Guard kitchen fire suppression systems have a number of special features that separate them from other dry chemical fire suppression systems:

  • Two types of detection electrical and mechanical (standard and rapid response) in six different temperatures
  • Total flooding with ABC or BC Dry Chemical (no loss of coverage between two)
  • Multiple cylinder actuation (up to 100 cylinders) possible from one control head
  • All system functions can be actuated manually (locally and/or remotely) and automatically
  • The best dry chemical coverage in the industry
  • Audible and/or visual notification of system activation

As an authorized distributor, we sell, install and train employees on proper use of the Industry Guard dry chemical suppression system in paint booths throughout the New Orleans metro area, Baton Rouge, or Lafayette. The unit comes with a manufacturer’s five year warranty and can be repaired by any authorized dealer. 

Interested in having a Industry Guard fire suppression system installed or need to get your existing Industry Guard fire suppression system inspected or serviced? If you are located in the New Orleans metro area, Baton Rouge, or Lafayette, contact Fire & Safety Commodities for an estimate or to schedule an appointment today!

Ask about our maintenance and service contracts for all your Badger fire safety equipment.

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