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The FSC Monthly Service Agreement

Sage Bourgeois - Monday, November 17, 2014

Did you know that Fire & Safety Commodities offers a Monthly Service Agreement that provides you with a fixed annual budget for the inspection, maintenance and service of you restaurant fire protection equipment?

That's right! No more surprises when it comes to the service requirements for hand portable fire extinguishers or kitchen fire suppression systems. Our monthly service agreement will not cost you anything additional. Simply stated, we have listened to our customers and developed the Monthly Service Agreement to address a specific need with regards to budgeting.

Benefits of the FSC Monthly Service Agreement:

  • Consistent Payment Schedule
  • Fixed Payment Amount
  • Covers Installation, Service and Maintenance of Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers and Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
  • Available with System Discharge Insurance 
  • Receive Discounts on Purchase of New Equipment

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