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Light the Path of Egress for the Holidays

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Holidays are upon us and now’s a good time to make sure your lights are working properly and get them hung in all the right places. No, not the strands of pretty holiday lights. We are talking about exit and emergency lighting in your restaurant or place of business. These safety devices light the path of egress for everyone inside a facility.   Read More . . .

FAQs on Fire Escape Planning

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A disorganized evacuation can result in confusion, injury, and property damage. If you are a business owner, please take the time to understand what goes into creating an effective fire escape plan.  Once all your questions are answered, prepare a plan and share it with your employees as part of an ongoing training schedule.  As a homeowner, you should have a clear plan to evacuate your family in the event of a fire.   Read More . . .

Our In-house Fire Safety Training Facilities

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our in-house training process has been supercharged with the addition of a hands-on training space and meeting room.  All of our technicians, both new and experienced, are required to undergo continuous training delivered by our in-house fire safety gurus.  In the past, this training has been comprised of conference room lectures, videos and hands-on training in the field.  The biggest challenge, and time consuming activity, has always been the hands-on field training at a customer site. With our new training space, we can now engage multiple technicians in hands-on training to practice the skills taught throughout the lecture and video series.   Read More . . .

Required Testing of Emergency and Exit Lights

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Most emergency lights installed in businesses are simple lighting devices that contain a small battery. The device is connected to the building’s electrical supply, which provides a constant charge to the battery. In the event of a power failure, circuitry in the fixture activates the lights, so that occupants can see to exit the building. Most emergency lights are only designed to work for the code’s required minimum of ninety (90) minutes on battery power.    Read More . . .

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