With over 40 years in the fire protection industry, Buckeye is a leading manufacturer of innovative fire suppression products. From hand-held and portable fire extinguishers and wheeled units, to their state-of-the-art kitchen fire suppression system, Buckeye has a fire suppression product to meet every need.

As a trusted Buckeye dealer in the New Orleans metro area, Baton Rouge and Lafayette, we can help you select the appropriate fire safety equipment to ensure your building is properly equipped in the event of a fire emergency. Whether you need a Buckeye portable fire extinguisher or restaurant fire system, we can help you through all phases of design, installation, inspection and maintenance.

BUCKEYE Fire Extinguishers

BUCKEYE hand portable fire extinguishers are available with dry chemical, carbon dioxide or water. Their light design, durable materials, reliable performance and reasonable prices make them perfect for most commercial buildings from hotels and offices to warehouses, retail stores and more.

BUCKEYE fire extinguishers come with instructional manuals and videos to train your employees properly using the fire extinguishers in case of a fire emergency. All BUCKEYE fire extinguishers we sell and install in the New Orleans metro area, Baton Rouge or Lafayette have a 2-year limited warranty and are rechargeable, making these fire extinguishers economically friendly. If you need a fire extinguisher inspection, hydro-test, recharge or refill or want to replace or purchase a new BUCKEYE fire extinguisher.

Contact Fire & Safety Commodities today! We can ensure that you never forget your next required maintenance and that your fire extinguishers and suppression systems will always work during a fire emergency. Ask about our maintenance and service contracts for all your BUCKEYE fire safety equipment.

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Kitchen Mister Fire Suppression Systems

The BUCKEYE Kitchen Mister system is a fire suppression system that distributes wet chemical agent. This liquid agent system is designed to protect commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment by rapidly suppressing fire and cooling hot surfaces.

Not only is the Kitchen Mister suppression system a superior fire suppression system for commercial kitchens, it is also aesthetically pleasing with its stainless steel décor that easily blends into the furnishings of modern-day commercial kitchens found in restaurants, hospitals and other similar facilities. However, the use of the Kitchen Mister system is limited to indoor locations that provide weather and temperature control protection.

As an authorized distributor, we sell, install and train employees on proper use of the Kitchen Mister fire suppression system in restaurants throughout the New Orleans metro area, Baton Rouge or Lafayette. The unit comes with a manufacturer’s five year warranty and can be repaired by any authorized dealer. If you need us to inspect or maintain your Kitchen Mister or other BUCKEYE fire protection equipment, contact Fire & Safety Commodities today and we’ll be glad to help you keep your restaurant safe during a fire emergency!

Ask about our maintenance and service contracts for all your BUCKEYE equipment.