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Before the world became as it is today, Fire & Safety Commodities dispatched technicians, armed with our colored folders (see previous blog, “So Many Systems . . . So Much Better!”), in a pickup or gutted-out Ford E-350 van with all the tools and manuals required to perform annual fire extinguisher inspections and semi-annual kitchen fire system inspections all throughout the land.

This system worked well up until a very specific and inevitable situation would arise that is affectionately known in the fire safety industry as, SERVICE WORK! The mere thought of these 2 words could cause one’s day to get a lot longer and a lot less productive. Simply put, service work requires its own specific processes and equipment to be properly completed. Tasks such as performing a 6-Year Maintenance on a 10lb ABC handheld portable fire extinguisher would require up to 60 minutes even by the most proficient technician in the field. Back at “the shop” we could perform multiple “6-Years” in a 1 hour span using more permanent equipment that our vehicles could not accommodate. My how the time’s they are a changin’!

Today, we have a fleet of 17 service vehicles that are all fully-equipped to allow or service technicians to effectively provide your business with on-site service work for hand-portable fire extinguishers, emergency lights, exit lights and kitchen fire suppression systems. Gone are the days when we would need to put a “spare” fire extinguisher in your place of business and then return to swap it out with the original extinguisher that we serviced back at “the shop”. Now, we can take “the shop” with us wherever we go and provide our customers with the highest quality services in the industry at the most competitive pricing.

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