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Hammond LA Fire Safety

Accidents occur when you least expect them. These accidents can sometimes snowball into full-blown emergencies that cause damage and injury. Keeping well-maintained and necessary equipment in place could save lives and thousands of dollars in property losses.

Our fire protection service providers at Fire & Safety Commodities help you meet local building codes and regulations with Hammond, LA, fire safety equipment. Our fire extinguishers and service agreements could prevent a disaster from erupting at your commercial property. 

Hammond, LA, Fire Safety Maintenance and Inspection Tips

All commercial buildings must follow municipal safety requirements to protect their equipment, staff, and customers. Those codes may differ depending on the type of business you own. Below, you can pick up a few pertinent safety tips and learn about services to better protect your business in Hammond, LA. 

Fire Suppression for Commercial Kitchens

Although restaurants stimulate the economy and provide locals with hours of social enjoyment, they can also serve as harbingers of disaster if the restaurant owner never fully addresses risk assessment. Restaurants contain fryers, stoves, ovens, and grills. Each of these appliances uses extreme heat to bring food to the right temperature.

Additionally, line cooks use oil to prepare entrees. Oil and heat present a serious fire hazard. Restaurant owners should implement the following safety regulations:

  • Complete fire suppression and escape plans visibly posted in gathering areas like break rooms 
  • Updated permits and inspection scores
  • Safe storage for dangerous materials like oil and other flammable contents when not in use
  • Regular inspection and testing services on all fire safety equipment, such as extinguishers and sprinklers

At Fire & Safety Commodities, we not only supply the necessary safety equipment, but we can also make sure your restaurant stays up to code to protect all aspects of your business.   

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Restaurants aren’t the only properties that must comply with Hammond, LA, fire safety regulations. All properties should continuously practice the necessary required safety guidelines outlined by municipal laws. Fully functioning and updated fire extinguishers are among the most accessible and user-friendly pieces of safety equipment available on the market.

Both home and business owners can purchase and use fire extinguishers in the buildings on their property. However, those extinguishers need regular maintenance and testing from professionals to ensure that they will work in the event of an emergency:  

  • Many municipalities, including Hammond, LA, require that you have your extinguisher inspected annually. 
  • Any time you use an extinguisher, have it recharged by a professional. Otherwise, you might reach for it in a critical situation, only for it to not produce fire-retardant material. 
  • During an inspection, the fire safety technician will check for damage to the extinguisher’s exterior. If they find bumps, cracks, dents, or leaks in the fire extinguisher’s body, they may exchange your current extinguisher for an undamaged one. 

Our fire extinguisher services will keep your equipment ready when you need it the most. 

Fire Safety & Commodities Monthly Service Agreement

Fire safety inspections and maintenance aren’t a one-and-done service. You need them at least once a year. Some situations may call for them more often. A service agreement can keep your building’s safety equipment updated while ensuring you have clear and adequate fire exits, unobstructed pathways, and other small but pertinent details squared away.

At Fire & Safety Commodities, we provide monthly service agreements that help you achieve your safety goals. Our agreements come at a predictable flat rate and include the following services:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Equipment and suppression system repair
  • Discounted equipment purchases

You can’t put a price on fire safety in Hammond, LA. So we make our services accessible and affordable for all commercial properties. 

Prioritize Fire Safety with Fire & Safety Commodities 

Put your customers and employees first by making Hammond, LA, fire safety your top priority with our team at Fire & Safety Commodities. Our services can prevent emergencies before they claim lives or property. Call (844) 200-8121 to learn more about our services and equipment, including exit and emergency lighting.

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