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Our In-house Fire Safety Training Facilities

Our in-house training process has been supercharged with the addition of a hands-on training space and meeting room. All of our technicians, both new and experienced, are required to undergo continuous training delivered by our in-house fire safety gurus. In the past, this training has been comprised of conference room lectures, videos and hands-on training in the field. The biggest challenge, and time consuming activity, has always been the hands-on field training at a customer site. With our new training space, we can now engage multiple technicians in hands-on training to practice the skills taught throughout the lecture and video series.

Training Room For Fire Safety

The new classroom setup allow us to hold weekly meeting with the team at Fire & Safety Commodities, as well as with our customers and their teams. We are able to project a video or slideshow for everyone in the class to see. We can then allow students to participate in hands-on training for fire extinguishers, kitchen fire suppression systems, emergency lighting and exit lights.

kitchen fire system training

This is a wall of fully functional kitchen fire suppression systems. Our technicians now have the ability to practice their system maintenance procedures in a supervised environment where they receive expert coaching and are provided written feedback. From an Ansul system inspection, Ansul system maintenance, or a Guardian III fire suppression system recharge, our technicians can do it all right here at our shop.

hand portable fire extinguishers

This wall displays the various types and sizes of hand-held portable fire extinguishers that we encounter on a daily basis. Our technicians can quickly identify the different units, disassemble them, walk through a 6-year maintenance or recharge process, and become proficient in helping customers select the right extinguisher for a given environment.

exit light emergency lights

Our E-Light wall is simple, yet effective. Our technicians are able to test the different units, replace parts, and get familiar with all aspects of troubleshooting a particular unit while on-site with a customer.

All-in-all, we are confident that our technicians will remain the most well-trained team in the industry. We will continue to improve our training systems, and all of our systems, to better protect and support you, your business and your employees.

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