Light the Path to Safety With Fire & Safety Commodities

Think back on your own childhood. Do you remember bedtime, the dark, the monster in the closet or under the bed? Most of us (and you know who you are) can identify with the concept of a night light or a flashlight under our pillow giving us the feeling of security that enabled us to get a peaceful night’s sleep. Now fast forward to your life today. Most of us are running in an occupational rat race that has us meeting deadlines, scurrying the halls and unconsciously weaving in and out of coworkers and cubicles all day long.

Let the Experts Handle Your Fire Safety Needs

We address even the smallest details for flawless results.


Most of you out there don’t have the time each day to stop and ask, “What would happen if the lights went out?” Well, that is precisely the question we ask every day. We recognize the need for being proactive in a situation such as a power outage or blackout.

Emergency Service Available!

Exit & Emergency lights are some of the most forgotten and neglected pieces of life safety equipment in the marketplace today. We understand their value and the vital role they play in getting you out of harm’s way quickly and safely. We know the codes and have the experience needed to provide service and maintain these critical fixtures for you.

Every night, each of us toggled that flashlight switch to confirm that the batteries were working and we would survive the night. Whether you realize it or not, in emergency situations, you are still afraid of the dark.

Fire & Safety Commodities offers:

  • 90 Minute and Push Button Testing

  • Bulb and Battery Replacement Programs

  • Code Compliance