Hood Cleaning For Restaurants and Kitchens

We have decided to offer this service because we recognize that even the best fire protection systems can be compromised as a result of poor hood cleaning and excessive grease build-up. As fire protection people, we understand the “Fire Triangle” and the importance of disrupting it. It is our intention is to attack hood and exhaust cleaning from a fire protection perspective. Seeing a clean hood canopy always makes you feel good but knowing your exhaust system was serviced by professionals that understand the cleaning process both inside and out provides you with added piece of mind.

Let the Experts Handle Your Fire Safety Needs

We address even the smallest details for flawless results.


Why do I need hood cleaning services for my commercial kitchen?

  • To meet insurance requirements.

  • Required to comply with NFPA 96 Standards.

  • Minimizes fire risks associated with cooking media.

  • Increases the efficiency of the exhaust system.

  • Improves kitchen cleanliness.

  • Linked to increases in employee morale and productivity.

Emergency Service Available!

Our Kitchen Hood Cleaning Process

  • We will work with you to develop a cleaning schedule that meets the needs of your particular business.

  • Our experienced cleaning technicians will arrive on-time, at your location, ready to work.

  • Our high-tech hood cleaning equipment will be unloaded and set up for efficiency and safety.

  • Only state-of-the-art chemicals will be used to degrease and polish your hood canopy, exhaust ducts and fan assembly.

  • Our cleaning technicians will clean their work area and make sure that all your equipment is back in working order.

  • Upon completion, you will receive a complete hood cleaning report with photos and detailed information regarding the services provided.