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Fire safety is not something you want to mess around with. This is why Fire and Safety Commodities only offer the highest quality products and best services. We work with businesses throughout Baton Rouge in every industry to make sure they meet and exceed all fire safety regulations.

Baton Rouge Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression

Commercial kitchens have some of the most demanding and stringent fire safety rules, and with good reason. Many of the pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen pose a fire risk if not used correctly. This is why proper fire suppression methods are so important. 

The Fire and Safety Commodities Baton Rouge team is ready to help you do what you need to stay safe. Call or email to speak to the team about:

  • Full design and CAD drawings of your fire suppression
  • A consultation about your project and your needs
  • Apply for all permits and approvals
  • Install, test and balance your commercial kitchen fire suppression system

Whether an off-the-shelf system will work or you need a custom commercial kitchen fire suppression system, we can help. We also install fire barriers as needed, manufacture custom vent hoods, and thoroughly inspect the whole system after installation is finished. 

So you can be sure you have a fire suppression system that will get the job done.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Inspections In Baton Rouge, LA

If you have a business or commercial property, you have an obligation to keep your fire extinguishers in good working order. Fire and Safety Commodities can help!

A Fire Extinguisher Inspection

According to local Baton Rouge laws and regulations, you need to have your fire extinguishers professionally inspected every year. Fire and Safety Commodities is fully certified to do this inspection for you. 

Recharging Your Fire Extinguishers

Nobody ever wants to need to use a fire extinguisher, but when you do, you need to be sure it will work. Every time you use a fire extinguisher, it loses some of the pressure inside the canister. You can never be entirely sure how much is left either, so it’s always a good idea to have it recharged every time you use one. 

Maintaining Your Fire Extinguishers

Keeping your fire extinguisher in good working order means you need to do routine maintenance. Our team can inspect your fire extinguishers for signs of damage like bumps, dents and leaks. 

We also look for signs of rust and corrosion and will advise you of the best way to repair or replace the equipment. Because you always want fire extinguishers to work when you need them. 

Handling Hydro Testing for Fire Extinguishers

Hydro testing for fire extinguishers is a method of finding cracks and leaks in fire extinguishers. It’s another legal requirement for your fire extinguishers, and Fire and Safety Commodities can help. 

Fire & Safety Commodities Monthly Service Agreement

Fire safety is an ongoing process. Not only do you need to keep your existing equipment in good working order, but regulations change from time to time. 

If you need help with commercial fire suppression in Baton Rouge or surrounding areas, Fire and Safety Commodities can help. 

We offer a flat-rate monthly service agreement program, which includes routine maintenance and repairs of your fire suppression system and fire extinguishers. This means you never need to worry that your fire suppression equipment is not in perfect working order. 

Our monthly maintenance clients also get discounts on their equipment purchases, so you can save while keeping your commercial property or business safe. 

Contact Us and Get Fire Protection Services in Baton Rouge

We eat, sleep and breathe fire safety, so you don’t have to. If you need help with professional fire suppression equipment and services in Baton Rouge, we’re here to help. Contact the team at Fire and Safety Commodities and get the right advice, information and equipment for your needs. 

Simply call us at the number below and speak to our team to get everything you need. 

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Looking For a trusted fire suppression company?

We’re Ready to Help, Whatever Your Needs. Your Protection is Our Priority


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Emergency Service Available!

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