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Can this happen to you?

One of your employees suffers an injury at work. He’s bleeding and it’s clear that first aid is needed right away. You run to your first aid cabinet and you don’t have what you need. In fact, it’s a mess! Packages are opened and most are empty, but most importantly, you can’t help your employee. What do you do now?

With Fire & Safety Commodities on your team, you can rest assured that you’ll be ready to respond when an injury or illness occurs. You will have:

  • A complete line of first aid supplies.
  • A clean and well organized first aid cabinet.
  • Products that are fresh and not expired.
  • Less worry and stress.

Those first few minutes after an accident or injury occurs are critical to the future health of your employees and your business. With a Fire & Safety Commodities first aid cabinet and service, the benefits you receive are many.

How Your Company Benefits

Your business has more to worry about than whether or not your first aid kit is stocked. That is why FSC is here to serve you. We deliver top quality first aid products that will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Compliance with OSHA requirements.
  • Reduction of your insurance rates.
  • Fewer worker’s compensation claims by keeping minor injuries from becoming major, reported claims.
  • Improved employee attendance.
  • Employee appreciation because they know you care for their health and welfare.

FSC’s restocking and inventory service guarantees consistent availability of your first aid supplies. We don’t just sell you a cabinet and forget you! At no additional service charge, your FSC representative will make sure your cabinet is clean, neat and stocked with up-to-date supplies.

Choose Fire & Safety Commodities

Protecting the health and welfare of your employees has been our #1 concern for over 35 years. When it comes to customer service, we are second to none. When choosing a first aid service provider, remember Fire & Safety Commodities, Inc.

Over 400 quality products, including:

  • The largest selection of First Aid kits, cabinets and stations.
  • Most complete line of bandages and dressings.
  • Eye care products and stations.
  • Burn treatments products and kits.
  • Over-the-counter medicines.
  • Emergency first aid instruments.
  • Infectious disease protection and prevention supplies.
  • Safety equipment such as back belts, dust masks, eye and ear protection.
  • Excellent service and much more!

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