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Thibodaux, LA, Fire Safety

Fire prevention begins in your home or at your business. At Fire & Safety Commodities, we empower you and other residents to integrate Thibodaux, LA, fire safety into every aspect of life. We provide services like kitchen hood installation for commercial kitchens and products like fire extinguishers to assist Thibodaux residents in proactively protecting their families, properties, and communities. 

Improve your safety measures with our expertise below. 

Our Fire Safety Solutions and Services

Our work begins with a free consultation for new customers. During our consultation at your business, we’ll inspect the property for potential hazards and recommend various solutions to thwart them. Afterward, you decide which solutions you want to implement in your kitchen. We provide fire safety products and services at affordable prices for all customers. 

Commercial Kitchen Services

Commercial kitchens come in multiple shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: the use of equipment that could produce fires. Each kitchen needs a customized fire safety plan to protect the staff, patrons, and any surrounding buildings from a spreading fire. 

We offer the following specialized services for all commercial kitchen varieties:

  • Commercial hood installation
  • Custom hood and sheet metal services
  • Commercial hood cleaning
  • Commercial kitchen fire suppression

Whether you own a local restaurant or supervise a cafeteria, you can implement our services to provide all parties peace of mind. 

Wildfire Prevention

Although Thibodaux, LA, has a minimal wildfire risk, rising global temperatures may increase the area’s likelihood of wildfire development within the next 30 years. Implementing prevention strategies goes a long way in protecting residential and commercial areas. Let us assist you with inspections to help your establishment meet improved building codes and identify your area’s vulnerability. 

We can guide you on conducting controlled burns and understanding how your outdoor area could contribute to potential fire spread. You can then use the information we provide to keep dead, dry vegetation to a minimum, burn it safely, and do your part to protect your community. 

Fire Safety Equipment

Comprehensive Thibodaux, LA, fire safety begins with implementing the right equipment. We install, inspect, and service fire prevention and suppression equipment, such as:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Suppression systems for painting booths and commercial kitchens

Our team can also assist you in training your staff to properly deploy and use these life-saving implements. Adequate training empowers employees to handle any fire hazards as they arise, decreasing the fire’s potential to spread, grow, and destroy property.

After all, a piece of equipment is only as effective as its user. If an employee picks up an extinguisher without knowing how to aim and deploy the contents, they put themselves in greater danger due to their proximity to the fire. Arm your business and workers with reliable equipment and professional skills. 

Fire Protection Services

We offer numerous protection services to keep your property up to fire safety codes and beyond. Our monthly service agreement is a popular option for ensuring consistent safety practices and awareness. This agreement includes:

  • Affordable flat-rate payments
  • Consistent payment schedule
  • Installation, servicing, and maintenance of portable extinguishers and suppression systems
  • Discounts for your new equipment purchases

First Aid Kits

We also help you comply with OSHA’s regulations with a first aid kit for businesses. Our kit comes stocked with fresh supplies and modules you can easily organize. Many business owners purchase this service to reduce their insurance rates, protect staff members and customers, and prevent worker’s compensation claims.

We have an extensive selection of cabinets and kits, each containing supplies like:

  • Burn treatments
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Eye-rinsing stations
  • Wound dressing products
  • Infectious disease cleanup equipment 

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