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Houma, LA Fire Safety

Houma fire safety is essential for commercial spaces to protect property, employees, and customers. Fire & Safety Commodities has over 35 years of experience providing safety equipment and services for commercial properties throughout Houma, LA, and the surrounding communities, including Lake Charles and New Orleans. Our specialties include exit and emergency lighting installation and portable fire extinguisher testing. 

Put Your Houma, LA Fire Safety in Our Capable Hands

Fire & Safety Commodities works with all industries to provide the best fire suppression and protection services and products. Our dependable team offers 24-hour emergency services for hotels, government facilities, restaurants, and other commercial spaces throughout southeast Louisiana. We adhere to local fire safety requirements to ensure your business complies with all regulations.

Houma Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression

Ovens, grills, deep fryers, and ranges are common commercial kitchen appliances. Though employees should always practice safe cooking habits, accidental fires can cause devastating damage to the business and its workers. It’s not uncommon for fires to occur in commercial kitchens due to the fast-paced environment, heat, and presence of grease. 

At Fire & Safety Commodities, our Houma fire safety services include fire suppression services to minimize the risk of catastrophic kitchen fires. Our full-service Houma fire protection includes:

  • Designing your custom commercial kitchen fire suppression system with CAD drawings 
  • Applying for necessary permits and approvals
  • Consulting with your team about your business’s fire protection needs
  • Installing, testing, and balancing your kitchen’s new fire suppression system

You can rely on Fire & Safety Commodities to handle all of your commercial kitchen suppression system needs in Houma. We can design and install integrated kitchen hood ventilation, fire barriers, and more. Our team has the fire protection skills and expertise to custom-design your kitchen’s ideal fire suppression system or install pre-fabricated systems.  

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Inspections in Houma, LA

Every commercial property needs fire extinguishers to quickly put out flames and avoid serious fire damage. Our Houma fire safety experts can help with several aspects of fire extinguisher maintenance, including the following:

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection: Houma businesses need yearly fire extinguisher inspections to ensure they are functional during an emergency. We have the proper training and certification to inspect this equipment.
  • Recharging Your Fire Extinguishers: If someone uses a fire extinguisher, its pressure will drop and reduce its efficiency for future use. However, we can recharge it even if it still contains most of its contents. 
  • Maintaining Your Fire Extinguishers: Fire protection equipment works best when they’re well-maintained. When inspecting your business’s fire extinguishers, our team will check for leaks, dents, corrosion, and bumps. We’ll repair or replace equipment as necessary.
  • Handling Hydro Testing for Fire Extinguishers: Hydro testing is a legal requirement for fire extinguishers. Our qualifications include this procedure to check for fire extinguisher leaks and cracks.

Fire & Safety Commodities Monthly Service Agreement

Fire & Safety Commodities is available 24 hours daily to address emergencies. However, we understand that the best way to prevent fires in commercial properties is through ongoing support and maintenance of fire protection and suppression systems. To accommodate that need, we offer the Fire & Safety Commodities monthly service agreement for Houma businesses. 

Our monthly service agreement is a flat-rate program with no hidden fees. With it, you will receive regular maintenance for your business’s fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems to ensure they are ready to use when you need them. 

As a program participant, you can be confident your fire protection systems will comply with Houma fire regulations. You can also receive discounts on new equipment. 

Contact Us and Get Fire Protection Services in Houma

At Fire & Safety Commodities, Houma fire safety is our top priority. We are available to discuss your commercial property’s needs, including fire suppression systems, restaurant hood installation, and portable fire extinguishers. Our knowledgeable team will help you select the best systems to protect your business from fire damage and expertly design and install them. 

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