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Metairie LA Fire Safety

Put Your Metairie, LA Fire Safety in Our Capable Hands

Fire safety is a necessary precaution to instill, especially in an area such as Metairie, LA and the rest of the Deep South. A fire protection plan is critical to keeping you and your facilities safe. For this reason, don’t leave your fire safety in the hands of unqualified professionals.

Instead, let Fire & Safety Commodities’ trusted and specialized team take care of your fire protection needs so your business stays within all fire regulations.

Metairie Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression

As a business owner, you can’t afford to ignore fire safety when working with hazardous objects like stoves, grills, smokers, and fryers. All of these appliances pose a severe threat to your safety if misused.

To best combat the fire risk in the case of an event, our team installs fire suppression systems. A fire suppression system from Fire & Safety Commodities entails the following products and services:

  • A detailed, professionally designed CAD drawing of your suppression system
  • A consultation with our experts to determine your particular project needs
  • All proper approvals, registrations, and permits
  • Installation of your suppression system
  • Tests and balancing of the kitchen fire suppression system

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Inspections in Metairie, LA

Fire extinguishers are mandatory for all businesses in not only Metairie, but the whole state of Louisiana. These extinguishers play a considerable role in the prevention of accidental fires. Let our team help with the various aspects of fire extinguisher maintenance.

A Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Inspections ensure your fire extinguisher is working correctly. This inspection is a requirement by law in Metairie, LA. Businesses must have a licensed fire extinguisher inspection every year. Let the Fire & Safety Commodities handle it so that your business complies with all local and state laws.

Recharging Your Fire Extinguishers

When using a fire extinguisher, some of the pressure needed to work appropriately is displaced. However, for a fire extinguisher to work correctly, it needs full pressure. This means your fire extinguisher needs a proper recharge after every discharge. So instead of wondering if your fire extinguisher has enough pressure, let our team ensure it’s recharged appropriately.

Maintaining Your Fire Extinguishers

Routine maintenance is essential for the many components involved in fire safety. Generally, fire extinguisher maintenance includes checking for signs of damage, including any leaks, rust, dents, or bumps. If any of these damages are noticeable, our team assesses the cracks so that your fire extinguisher works in time of need.

Handling Hydro Testing for Fire Extinguishers

Finally, hydro testing finds cracks or leaks in the shell of your current fire extinguisher. Hydro testing is yet another legal requirement when servicing fire extinguishers. This way, your entire fire safety system is compliant from top to bottom.

Fire & Safety Commodities Monthly Service Agreement

Unfortunately, fire safety doesn’t stop after one inspection. It is an ongoing process requiring support, yearly recharging, maintenance, and implementation of current regulations in Metairie, Louisiana. Our team offers a monthly service agreement to check off all necessary boxes for your fire extinguishers, and fire suppression system. Fire & Safety Commodities’ monthly service agreement is a flat-rate fee without contract requirements, so it doesn’t break the bank.

Contact Us and Get Fire Protection Services in Metairie

Fire & Safety Commodities knows firsthand how significant fire safety is for your business. Whatever your fire safety needs may be, our team is here to help. 

We’ll work with you to create a fire safety system and maintenance routine that aligns with your needs and the current Louisiana fire safety regulations. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re well-protected in a fire-related emergency.

Stop the search for your local fire safety provider. Contact us today at the number below for the ultimate protection ensuring top-notch fire safety in Metairie, and throughout the Gulf South region!

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