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Fire Safety in Raceland, LA

Fire & Safety Commodities is the fire safety business that Raceland, LA, property owners and businesses trust. We take fire safety and protection seriously, helping businesses protect themselves, their employees, clients, and property. We provide you with the resources, knowledge, and equipment you need, such as portable fire extinguishers, to decrease your chances of a fire and having to call the fire department.

Trusted Fire Safety and Protection Services for Raceland, LA, Businesses

You can turn to our reliable business to meet several fire safety needs. We supply everything from fire suppression to fire extinguisher maintenance, recharging, inspections, and hydro testing. Our staff also can provide monthly service agreements to help you stay on top of fire safety for your commercial business in Raceland, LA, offering an affordable flat rate and unparalleled property protection.

Fire Suppression for Your Raceland Commercial Kitchen

If you have a commercial kitchen in Raceland, fire safety is a top priority, as many stoves, ovens, and appliances can start fires if you don’t use them correctly. Having the right knowledge and a trusted suppression system can change how you run your commercial kitchen, keeping anyone using it safe and ensuring you adhere to local safety guidelines. We also can install vent hoods and fire barriers for your safety.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Inspections, and More in Raceland, LA

Your commercial property or business must have working fire extinguishers to handle any emergency. At Fire & Safety Commodities, we offer the following incredible Raceland, LA, fire safety services to keep your fire extinguishers in optimal shape and prepared for anything:

·      Fire Extinguisher Inspections. You are required to book an annual inspection for your portable fire extinguishers, and we are certified to do so. You should give your extinguishers a detailed look each month to check for damage and fullness of the canisters while scheduling an inspection for stored pressure extinguishers every six years. 

·      Fire Extinguisher Recharge Services. Since your extinguishers lose pressure with every use, recharging them can help achieve full pressure and the best possible use. Even if you haven’t exhausted the extinguisher in one use, it’s best to recharge it each time. 

·      Fire Extinguisher Maintenance. Routine maintenance services for your fire extinguisher involve checking for leaks, dents, or rust. We will also repair your extinguisher if possible or recommend a suitable replacement if it has too many issues. 

·      Hydro Testing for Your Fire Extinguishers. Hydro testing is a way to check for cracks and leaks in your fire extinguishers. Legally, you’ll need to perform this test at least every 12 years but can do so sooner to keep your extinguishers in top shape. Besides being a safety requirement for Raceland, hydro testing verifies your extinguishers are safe and ready to use for a fire. 

Taking care of your extinguishers is essential to fire prevention and safety for your commercial business. When you need these key services in Raceland, Louisiana, count on our compassionate and responsive team to assist you. We’re ready to answer any of your questions.

Monthly Service Agreements With Fire & Safety Commodities

We provide monthly service agreements to ensure your property is always safe. With changing fire safety regulations and business operations, knowing our fire safety professionals are looking out for you is invaluable. From providing a detailed fire escape plan to installing, inspecting, and maintaining your fire suppression and extinguisher equipment, you can save lives and keep your property safe from fires.

Contact Us for Five-Star Fire Protection and Safety Services in Raceland, LA

Know that your business is in good hands with our trusted business, offering free, no-commitment consultation for first-time customers and commercial first aid supplies. Whether you’re looking for advice, equipment, or trusted service, Fire & Safety Commodities is the Raceland, LA, fire safety expert you need. Contact Fire & Safety Commodities today by calling (844) 465-5994 or booking a service appointment online. 

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