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Fire Safety in Terrytown, LA

Every business must take fire safety seriously to ensure customers and employees are safe while on the property. Fire & Safety Commodities offers premium fire safety services and products for businesses throughout the Terrytown, LA, community to help them comply with local fire safety laws and regulations. 

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression in Terrytown

Commercial kitchens must follow strict guidelines and regulations due to the numerous dangerous materials and potential hazards within the workspace. For example, hot grease, oily exhaust hoods, fryers, and other items can pose serious risks without the right fire suppression equipment. 

We have the expertise at Fire & Safety Commodities to help you get the best fire suppression system for your commercial kitchen needs. Our safety experts assist with the following:

  • Designing your fire suppression system using CAD drawings
  • Consulting about your needs
  • Assisting with your applications for permits and legal approvals
  • Installing and testing your custom commercial fire suppression system

Our Terrytown, LA, fire safety specialists also offer kitchen hood installation and fire barrier services. With us, you can choose prefabricated fire suppression systems or allow our experts to design the perfect one for your kitchen.  

Along with fire suppression for commercial kitchens, Fire & Safety Commodities offers several services to ensure your Terrytown business adheres to all safety requirements.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections in Terrytown

Fire extinguishers are a necessity for every business. Terrytown business must arrange for annual inspections of this fire protection equipment. Thankfully, Fire & Safety Commodities has the proper certifications and training to assess all fire extinguisher types according to local ordinances. 

Fire Extinguisher Recharging

If you use a fire extinguisher for any reason, you’ll need to recharge it. If the need arises again, a fire extinguisher recharge ensures the canister has the appropriate pressure level and enough contents. 

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance 

At Fire & Safety Commodities, we don’t only inspect fire extinguishers. We also have the experience and training necessary to maintain them for your peace of mind. 

You can count on us to thoroughly assess your fire extinguishers from top to bottom. We’ll inspect for signs of damage like dents and degraded hoses. Our experts will alert you if it’s time to repair or replace your fire protection equipment. 

Hydro Testing for Fire Extinguishers

Hydro testing is essential for any vessel or container under pressure, including fire extinguishers. Legal requirements for Terrytown businesses state that enterprises must book a hydro test for their fire extinguishers at least once every 12 years. The test is another way to check the canister for leaks or cracks. 

Fire & Safety Commodities can handle your hydro testing needs. We’ll ensure your extinguishers are ready to use and can safely put out flames if a fire breaks out on your property. 

Monthly Service Agreements With Fire & Safety Commodities

It can be difficult for business owners to handle daily operations, learn about the ever-changing fire safety regulations, and comply with all safety laws. Though many businesses in Terrytown and nearby neighborhoods rely on Fire & Safety Commodities for standalone services, we also provide ongoing support from our team through our monthly service agreement program. 

Our program is a flat-rate monthly agreement for routine fire extinguisher and fire suppression system maintenance. This service addresses risk assessments and provides equipment repairs. With our help, you can focus on your business and be confident your company is safe, compliant, and in excellent hands. 

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Rely on Fire & Safety Commodities for Terrytown, LA, fire safety tips, restaurant hood cleaning, fire extinguisher services, and more for your local business. We have the tools and expertise to ensure your business complies with all fire and safety regulations. Whether you need to install adequate fire exits or want advice about commercial first aid, we’re the company to call. 

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