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Kitchen Fire Suppression in Covington, LA

Whether your commercial kitchen is in a restaurant, a hotel, or somewhere else it needs an effective kitchen fire suppression system. Here at Fire & Safety Commodities we offer state of the art kitchen fire suppression systems and inspections in the Covington, LA area. We are experts at designing kitchen fire systems for restaurants. Using detailed CAD drawings, our technicians will efficiently install your kitchen fire system while meeting all associated fire safety codes. Our in-house kitchen fire suppression system experts bring together all the elements you need for fully integrated kitchen hood ventilation and fire protection system in your commercial kitchen. Call Fire & Safety Commodities today if you need us to install, inspect or service your restaurant fire system.

Why Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Are Critical to Your Business

Of course, Covington and the state of Louisiana have building codes and safety requirements, and your business undoubtedly needs to comply with all of those. However, that’s not the only reason you need to make sure your kitchen fire suppression system is up to standard. There are actually several other reasons:

  • Your insurance policy might not cover you for fire damage if you don’t take the correct steps to mitigate risk
  • Even if your insurance does cover you for damages in the event of a fire, if your kitchen is not operating, your business can’t open
  • It’s a serious safety issue – for your staff, your customers, and anyone in and around your building

The simple fact is not having an adequate kitchen fire suppression system could jeopardize everyone in and around your business. 

Professional Kitchen Fire Suppression System Design in Covington, LA

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all kitchen fire suppression system. Everything from the size and layout of your kitchen to the type of equipment you have can change the design requirements of the system. 

Our team at Fire & Safety Commodities will design a system for your commercial kitchen. We’ll prepare detailed CAD drawings for your project and ensure that you meet or exceed all local building code and safety requirements. 

New Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems in Covington, LA

If your commercial kitchen needs a fire suppression system, or the one that is there is beyond repair, then the best option is to contact our team. Once you do, we will start the process of receiving a new system which includes:

  • Detailed Consultation
  • Engineering Services
  • Design and CAD Drawings
  • Plans, Permits and Approvals
  • Factory Custom Stainless Steel Hood Fabrication
  • Custom Fabricated Welded Grease Duct
  • 3M 15A Fire Barrier Duct Wrap Fire Proofing
  • Residential Fire Suppression Systems
  • Electrical Control Interlocks
  • On-Site Coordination and Installation
  • Test and Balance and Final Inspection

We take a great deal of pride in delivering the very best possible kitchen fire suppression systems in the Covington, LA area, so we only use the best quality materials and equipment for our customers. 

Kitchen Fire Suppression Upgrades, Inspections, Repairs and Maintenance

Some of our customers already have older kitchen fire suppression systems that are still in good working order. In those cases, we’re happy to arrange a kitchen fire suppression inspection. 

During inspection of your system we will assess the system itself, whether it needs cleaning or repairs, and what kind of replacement parts would be needed to make sure it’s fully functional and perfectly safe. 

In many cases, older systems can be brought back into perfect service with some routine maintenance and repairs, and we always try to offer our customers the most cost-effective solution. Whether that means repairs and maintenance or a new system, we’ll give you all the information you need to make the right decision for your business. 

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Emergency Service Available!

Looking For a trusted fire suppression company?

We’re Ready to Help, Whatever Your Needs. Your Protection is Our Priority


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Emergency Service Available!

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