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Fire-related accidents often result in injuries and sometimes death, which can be prevented through fire safety training. Fire safety training is the most important factor in enhancing people’s fire safety knowledge and the effectiveness of their response in the event of a fire which could lead to a reduction in the rate of fire casualties. It is therefore essential that the community is provided with training to retain an adequate level of fire safety knowledge. It is also important that people retain an adequate level of knowledge about the importance of maintaining functional fire safety equipment (see Blog: “Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist”).

Fire & Safety Commodities, Inc. makes fire extinguisher training available to children, adults, employees & personnel on how to properly use a fire extinguisher. As a factory authorized & trained, qualified and certified fire extinguisher company we have proven a level of knowledge, skill and experience that we can share with everyone in our community.

Our new training facility is complete and ready to accommodate up to 25 participants in a single session, or we can come to your place of business.

Also, you should contact your insurance provider to see what type of discounts are available for having your employees trained by a certified fire extinguisher company.

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