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River Ridge, LA, Fire Safety

Do you want to keep your business safe from the life-altering effects of fire? Fire and Safety Commodities provides several services and products for River Ridge, LA, fire safety that can reduce the chances of a fire and the loss of life when a fire does occur. From portable fire extinguishers to emergency exit lights, we protect your property and life.

4 Fire Safety Approaches for River Ridge, LA

Don’t rely solely on the fire department to protect your business from the devastating effects of a fire. While they can potentially mitigate the damage once a fire breaks out, fire prevention is the best approach. Here are four important steps to help shield your business from the worst effects of a fire.

1. Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention

If your business has a commercial kitchen, it’s one of the most vulnerable places for a fire. Fire and Safety Commodities offers several services and products that can reduce the risk of a fire breaking out. Our services include:

  • Pre-engineered fire suppression systems
  • Commercial hood fabrication, installation, and cleaning
  • Portable fire extinguishers

Our fire suppression systems are state-of-the-art, and we offer both off-the-shelf options and custom designs. After a detailed consultation, we provide CAD drawings so you can see them fully rendered. Some of our most popular fire suppression features include custom hood and duct fabrication, a fire barrier, electrical control interlocks, and system inspections.

2. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

One of the most important River Ridge, LA, fire safety practices is maintaining your fire extinguishers. Use the following tips to ensure your portable fire extinguishers from Fire and Safety Commodities work when you need them to:

  • Regular inspection: Legally, you must have an expert inspect your fire extinguisher once a year to ensure it complies with state and local regulations. We carry a special certification that qualifies us for these inspections.
  • Frequent recharging: Every time you use a fire extinguisher, it loses some of its internal pressure. Since it only works while it has full pressure, you should recharge the extinguisher after every use. This requires special equipment we provide, which you can sometimes find at a fire department.
  • Expert maintenance: During maintenance, our team inspects the extinguisher for potential defects like bumps, dents, leaks, and rust. We advise you on how to handle the damage.
  • Regular testing: Hydrotesting tests for cracks and leaks and you’re legally required to perform the test every 12 years.

3. Fire Escape Plans

Having an adequate fire escape plan can save lives if a fire does break out. We help you develop reliable escape plans in the following ways:

  • Testing the guide lights, running lights, and emergency backup lights for full functionality
  • Bulb and battery replacement programs
  • Code compliance verification

For an extra level of protection, we also provide first aid supplies, including a cabinet for storage, fresh supplies, over-the-counter medications, and bandages and dressings.

4. Monthly Service Agreements

Fire protection isn’t a one-time practice. Even with our custom fire suppression system, you should remain vigilant with regular maintenance and inspections to ensure everything continues working as intended. 

We understand the expense involved with regular service can feel overwhelming, and make you concerned about your budget. That’s why we offer monthly service contracts to provide the best possible price for inspections, maintenance, repairs, and addressing code regulations.

Consider it an investment, because you’ll save money when you compare the cost of monthly services with the expenses of a code violation or the ramifications of a fire. Members of our monthly service plan also receive discounts on new products, such as portable fire extinguishers, which offer even more savings. 

Fire and Safety Commodities Help Protect Your Home from Fire

For the best River Ridge, LA, fire safety products and services, contact Fire and Safety Commodities. With clearly marked emergency exits and easily accessible fire suppression products, you can rest easy knowing your property and customers are safe.Call (844) 465-5994 to speak with a representative today.

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